Strong winds can blow branches, leaves, and other objects toward a house or onto a patio or deck. At best, blowing objects can be a nuisance. Flying debris can also cause property damage and injuries. Several types of windbreaks have traditionally been used to deal with this problem, but a Wind-Dam can be a better solution.

How Traditional Windbreaks Work

Engineers have devised numerous ways to protect buildings and crops from wind damage. Those methods include building fences and walls, constructing berms made of earth, and planting trees or bushes to shield vulnerable areas and redirect wind gusts. 

While those types of windbreaks can be helpful, they can be expensive to construct. In addition, it takes time for vegetation to grow enough to serve as a windbreak. 

How a Wind-Dam Works

A Wind-Dam can be easier to implement and more affordable than a traditional windbreak. This innovative retractable glass railing system consists of a ½-inch thick panel of tempered glass that’s set in aluminum posts. The Wind-Dam contains a second tempered glass panel that can be raised to provide extra protection from wind, then lowered when that additional protection is no longer needed. 

Adjusting the height of a Wind-Dam couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is press on the top of the glass, and a hydraulic mechanism will raise the height of the barrier from 43 to 71 inches. When you lower the second glass panel, it will lock into place.

Get an Estimate for a Wind-Dam Glass Barrier

Don’t let the threat of wind keep you from relaxing on your deck or patio. A Wind-Dam barrier can shield your outdoor space from wind so you can use it whenever you want. Unlike other types of windbreaks, a Wind-Dam won’t block your view of your yard or the landscape around your home, and you’ll be able to adjust it to suit your needs. 

Wind-Dam uses quality materials and follows strict procedures to produce barriers that are durable, effective, and easy to operate. Wind-Dams can be installed on patios, decks, and balconies and near pools and waterfront locations that tend to experience strong wind gusts. 

US Glass Fence is proud to work with Wind-Dam to serve our customers’ needs. Wind-Dam’s railings are produced in a factory and transported to us by container. We then handle the installation process. Contact US Glass Fence today to learn more about how a Wind-Dam system works and to request a quote.