The Wind-Dam glass wind barrier is an innovative, variable height glass railing windbreak designed for spaces exposed to the elements. The Wind-Dam railing consists of a 1/2″ tempered – laminated glass panel attached to a pair of aluminum posts.  A second section of glass can be raised or lowered as needed. This provides additional protection from wind, noise or other weather elements. Makes a great patio wind barrier, beach wind barrier, or windbreaker for the deck.

By simply pressing the top of the glass, the hydraulic mechanism increases the height from 43″ to 71″.  The glass can then be lowered until it locks back into place. Wind-Dam glass railings are ideal windbreakers for use around terraces, gardens, balconies, dining areas and pools in residential and commercial type applications.     For more information call (888) 814-9346‬.


Wind-Dam variable height railing
Wind-Dam variable height railings
Wind-Dam variable height railings
Wind-Dam variable height railings
Wind-Dam variable height railings


Wind-Dam pioneered the first retractable glass railing system and are now the worlds leading manufacturer of variable height wind breaks and railings. Based in Poland, all of the products are manufactured to exacting standards using only the finest materials and ground breaking techniques. Every railing panel is factory made and shipped to US Glass Fence by container. This ensures that quality and consistency is maintained.

US Glass Fence LLC are please to represent Wind-Dam here in the USA. We share their commitment to exceptional service and quality.

For additional information about the Wind-Dam range of products please contact us on (888) 814 9346.