If you purchased a waterfront property, you obviously chose it, at least in part, because of the view. The last thing you want to do is block it with a wooden or metal fence. If you have kids, though, you need to think about their safety and make sure they can’t jump or fall in the water. Glass fencing is an ideal solution.

When people think of glass fencing, they typically think of using it to enclose a pool to keep kids out. A glass fence can also be a valuable addition to a waterfront property that can prevent accidents while still providing a clear view of the lake, river, or ocean.

Glass Fencing Is Designed With Safety In Mind

A major concern for parents is that kids like to climb. Children can easily climb a wooden or metal fence and put themselves in harm’s way, but it’s virtually impossible to scale a glass fence because it doesn’t have footholds.

Glass fencing is made with tempered glass, which is manufactured to be extremely durable. That means if it gets pummeled by waves or if your kids lean against it, the fence will be able to resist damage. If the glass gets severely damaged somehow, it will break into circular pieces that will be unlikely to cause injuries, not into jagged shards.


A wooden fence can be damaged by moisture and can fade and rot over time, and metal fencing is susceptible to rust. Glass fencing, on the other hand, will not be damaged by exposure to weather or saltwater.

Glass fencing can last a long time if it is well maintained. It requires little more than regular cleaning with soap and water or a solution of vinegar and water. Don’t use an abrasive cleaner or a rough cloth or sponge to clean a glass fence since that could scratch the surface.

In most cases, homeowners can clean glass fencing themselves. That could be a challenge, however, if you had a glass fence installed right near the water’s edge and you were unable to clean it from one side.


A glass fence can increase your home’s resale value and help you attract a buyer in the future. Buyers who are considering waterfront properties will likely have the same concerns you do and will appreciate the fact that a glass fence provides both safety and an unobstructed view of the water.


US Glass Fence can install a frameless glass fence on your waterfront property to protect children and guests from accidental injuries without blocking the view that made you choose your home in the first place. We can install a glass fence to fit the dimensions and terrain of your yard and keep people safe while still allowing you to enjoy the scenery. Contact US Glass Fence today to request an estimate.

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