Glass fencing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for properties both residential and commercial. In many cases, glass is chosen for its style: it provides security and property demarcation without obscuring the view of nature, pools, and landscape features. It’s elegant and durable and adds significantly to a home’s resale value and curb appeal. 

But there are other reasons why property owners are increasingly using glass fencing: it’s eco-conscious. Glass is non-toxic and easy to recycle, so it’s becoming the green choice for building barriers, fences, pool enclosures, railings, and more. 

While glass may be more expensive than other fencing materials to install initially, it’s a good investment, and the costs can be offset due to long-term savings from durability and low maintenance requirements as well as value added to resale value. 

In this blog, we’ll examine some of the “green” properties of glass fencing that make it a smart choice for sustainable fencing. 

Glass is recyclable.

One of the features that makes glass a “green” building material is its ability to be recycled over and over again. While glass is energy-intensive to create the first time, recycling glass requires very little energy, and none of the original materials are wasted. For this reason, glass is more eco-conscious than metals and plastics, which often have a shorter lifespan take more energy, and create more waste in the recycling process. 

Glass is a non-toxic choice. 

Glass is created using three natural and non-toxic ingredients: limestone, sand, and soda ash. These materials can be mined in a relatively non-destructive way, and the glassmaking process doesn’t require many harmful chemicals. Compared to metal and plastics, glass remains inert and doesn’t break down into harmful substances that can harm soil, wildlife, and humans, and can be cleaned more easily with fewer toxic solutions than other fencing materials.

Glass creates a smaller carbon footprint. 

Glass is much more energy efficient to extract from the ground than metal or petroleum products, which gives it a smaller carbon footprint in the manufacturing process compared to materials such as aluminum, iron, and plastic, which require a significant amount of energy to extract, manufacture, process and maintain. 

U.S. Glass Fence: An Expert at Glass Fencing

At U.S. Glass Fence, our glass fencing and railings are constructed using crystal clear half-inch thick tempered architectural glass panels. All glass fence panels are custom fabricated to your specific needs. US Glass Fence uses only the strongest toughened glass, which is eight times the strength of regular glass and is made to withstand years of use with a minimum of maintenance. The panels are anchored by stylish and resilient marine-grade stainless steel post hardware. All gates are self-closing and self-latching. 

Our team of construction professionals is adept at solving complex design challenges. If your project involves an intricate design, trust our construction experts to find and produce the solutions needed to turn your ideas into reality.

For more information about how a glass fence can add to the attractiveness of your retail or hospitality business while maintaining safety and security, call U.S. Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website.