A stand-off post railing consists of a set of stainless steel or aluminum posts attached to the side of a stairs, wall or other structure. The posts support a panel of tempered glass to create a stunning railing that ‘stands-off’ the supporting structure. From the front side, the posts are visible but from the other side they cannot be seen. Here at US Glass Fence we use a 2″ diameter brushed stainless steel post manufactured by Q-Railing. They are very discreet but incredibly strong. Stand-off posts, also known as pins or brackets, are very versatile and can be used on concrete, wood or steel supporting structures. Posts can be powder coated in any color and are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Stand-Off posts can be combined with other elements such as handrails or cap rails in wood or stainless steel. Handrails can be mounted on the side or the top depending on your design requirements.

It is important that the underlying structure is strong enough to support the small posts. Make sure you call professional glass railing installers.

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