On interior and exterior stairways, railings keep people safe. A typical railing consists of upright posts, a top rail, and some kind of filler. To turn their homes into something beautiful, many people choose glass as the filler to open up views and let in light. By combining the incredible strength of tempered glass with stainless steel posts, railing designers and installers can create railings that do not require upright posts or top rails. Instead, stylishly designed posts clamp to the bottom of the glass and attach to the top or side of the floor or deck. The result is a simple, minimalist glass railing that is incredibly strong and can be easily customized to any residential or commercial design.

Are Glass Railings Safe?

In a word, yes, provided the mounting structure is strong. Mounting solutions such as Mergelock stainless steel edge posts are cast from 316 marine-grade stainless steel. The mechanism that clamps the post to the glass is completely hidden, so there are no unattractive screws or pressure plates visible in the finished project. The clamp is then attached to the top of the substrate using appropriate fasteners. This mounting solution leaves a two-and-a-half-inch gap between the bottom of the glass and the surface so water, leaves, and other debris will not accumulate at the bottom of the glass.

In addition, glass railings are constructed of strong, tempered safety glass that is at least four times stronger than regular glass. Even if broken, it will not shatter into dangerously sharp glass shards. In rare cases in which glass fencing does break, the tempered glass will fall apart into relatively harmless cubes that can be easily and safely cleaned up. 

Because of their design, glass railings do not have any dangerous gaps that children or animals can become stuck in. Additionally, children cannot climb glass railings because they lack the footholds and handholds of traditional fencing, making glass a great solution for homes with families, or businesses that cater to children. Glass railings will not rot or corrode like many types of standard railings, which adds to their safety. 

Professional Installation is Critical for Glass Fencing

Because glass fencing and railing rely on proper and professional mounting for maximum stability, glass fencing is not a “do it yourself” project. Professional glass fencing companies will use the proper hardware, materials, and techniques to ensure that the glass railing is properly anchored and fitted to ensure maximum safety. 

U.S. Glass Fence is a Proud Supplier of Mergelock Stainless Steel Edge Posts

US Glass Fence LLC is pleased to offer Mergelock hardware for glass railing mountings. We share their commitment to exceptional service and quality. Glass is fabricated for every individual project. We try to keep the glass width to around six feet. Heights can be up to 42 inches or higher by adding a small clamp to brace each panel together, resulting in a beautiful custom glass railing project.

For more information about how glass railings can add to the attractiveness and appeal of your home or business, call US Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website, where you can view examples of our Wind-Dam installations in a variety of settings.