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‘In broad terms, a fence is designed to control access whereas a glass railing or glass guardrail is intended to prevent falls’.

Frameless glass fences are immensely strong and in certain circumstances can be used as a guardrail. In situations where frameless glass is not appropriate we recommend glass guardrail systems by Q-Railing.

Q-railing develops innovative, high-quality designer railing systems and glass balustrades. Their products function as supports and handrails along steps and stairways, and as safety barriers around balconies and between floor levels. You will find their railing systems and glass balustrades installed in homes, shops, and malls, as well as in offices and public buildings, museums, stadiums, airports, and swimming pools. All of their components are fully modular and able to be used in any of our railing systems, providing you with endless design possibilities.

Be inspired – As we develop plans and ideas for our home or work environment, we search for high-quality contemporary design elements that combine simplicity with affordability. Let yourself be inspired by the surprisingly versatile Q-railing product range.

There are several standard guardrail designs including:

Stand-Off Posts – With this system a glass panel is attached to the side of a stairs or wall using small stainless steel posts. The posts are attached to the wall and the glass is attached to the posts. The posts can be produced in stainless steel or powder coated in any color. A hand rail can be added to the side or top of the glass as needed.

Base Shoe Systems – This type of railing consists of an aluminum channel either bolted to the floor or attached to the wall. A panel of glass is set into the base shoe. Top or side handrails can be added as needed.

Semi-Frameless – This system consists of upright posts attached to the floor with glass panels suspended between the posts. The posts can be powder coated in any color and they can be round or square shaped.

Fully Framed – As the name suggests this style consists of vertical posts with a handrail mounted on top of the posts. Glass is suspended between the posts.

Cable Railing – This style of railing has become very popular in recent years. It can look great in the right situation but it should be noted that this is a climbable railing and not ideal for households with young children.

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