Frameless glass fencing is one of the most versatile and attractive of all fencing systems. It can be used pretty much anywhere and is appropriate for almost all design styles. It is unobtrusive, sophisticated, understated and strong. But, like every building material it has it pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. So what are they?

The Pros of Frameless Glass Fencing

Strength – Frameless glass fencing is made from 1/2” tempered glass which is cut to size and held in place using small stainless steel posts set in concrete. The glass is six times stronger than normal glass and is almost impossible to break.

Visibility – Glass fencing provides 100% visibility. When used in a swimming pool situation you will have an uninterrupted view both into the pool area and out of the pool area to the surrounding garden or views.

Clarity – Frameless glass fencing is the perfect way of fencing an area without interrupting your view.

Versatility – The tempered glass panels can be manufactured to almost any size and shape making at an extremely versatile fencing option.

Durability – Tempered glass and stainless steel are both very resistant to corrosion and wear. If installed properly they will last a lifetime with the minimum of maintenance.

Low Maintenance – A regular washing with soap and water is all that is needed to keep a frameless glass fence looking like new. Other fence types need regular painting, staining or even complete replacement over time.

Maximizes Your Space – Frameless glass fencing has the effect of enlarging you fenced area by integrating features that are inside the glass with things outside the fenced area. Good designers and architects can take advantage of this feature to give the impression of a more expansive garden.

The Cons of Frameless Glass Fencing

Expense –  Frameless glass fencing will cost two or three times more than most other types of fencing.

Scratches – Tempered glass will scratch if it is not maintained correctly. If you try to clean it with a scrubby pad or scouring powder it will scratch. Be sure to follow your installers maintenance instructions.

Invisibility – Frameless glass fence can be almost invisible in certain circumstances particularly to pets and wildlife. Fortunately the learning curve is very short.

Installation – Glass fencing is challenging to install and very unforgiving. The glass panels are made to order and cannot be modified during the installation process. It is also essential that the fence is straight, plumb and level which takes time and skill.

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