Outdoor dining is a universally enjoyed activity. During fine weather, dining outside feels light, fresh, liberating and intimate all at the same time. Many restaurants began offering outdoor dining for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic is winding down, these restaurants are discovering that outdoor dining draws more business and invites diners to linger.

But because outdoor dining is…well, outdoors…it can be unpredictable. Heat, cold, rain and wind can spoil an outdoor dining experience quickly. For restaurants hoping to extend their outdoor dining, it’s imperative to create an outdoor space that can help control the elements as much as possible.

Controlling the Elements

Most restaurants cover their outdoor dining area, either with a portico, a tent or umbrellas. This can help keep the area dry in the event of rain and block the bright sun that will bring too much heat and spoil a relaxing dining experience. It’s more difficult, however, to control the wind.

While everyone likes a fresh breeze, an overly windy experience can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, leading to candles that won’t stay lit, napkins and menus that blow away and annoyed customers who request to be moved indoors at busy times.

About the Wind-Dam Glass Wind Barrier

The Wind-Dam glass wind barrier is an innovative, variable height glass railing windbreak designed for spaces exposed to elements such as outdoor dining spaces. The Wind-Dam railing consists of a one-half inch tempered/laminated glass panel attached to a pair of aluminum posts. A second section of glass can be raised or lowered as needed, depending on the weather. This provides additional protection from wind, noise and other weather elements. Restaurants using the barriers can better customize their outdoor dining spaces to keep their customers more comfortable.

By simply pressing the top of the glass, restaurant employees can engage the hydraulic mechanism that increases the barrier height from 43 inches to 71 inches. At the end of the day, the glass can then be lowered until it locks back into its original position. Wind-Dam glass railings are ideal windbreakers for use around terraces, gardens, balconies, dining areas and pools in commercial as well as residential applications.

Wind-Dam pioneered the first retractable glass railing system, and the company is now the world’s leading manufacturer of variable height windbreaks and railings. Based in Poland, the company offers products that are manufactured to exacting standards using only the finest materials and groundbreaking techniques.

U.S. Glass Fence is a Proud Supplier of Wind-Dam Glass Barriers

US Glass Fence LLC is pleased to represent Wind-Dam in the United States. We share their commitment to exceptional service and quality. Every Wind-Dam Glass Barrier railing panel is factory-made and shipped to US Glass Fence by container. This ensures that quality and consistency is maintained.

For more information about how glass barriers can add to the attractiveness and appeal of your outdoor dining space, call US Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website.