If you’re looking for a way to grow your career, expand to new business horizons, or just get started in a new line of work that’s in high demand, then consider learning glass fence installation. Our course provides everything you need to become familiar with the materials, how to properly install glass fences, and even tools to market your business!

There’s never been a greater demand in the market for home improvement services and fence installations than right now. Since the pandemic has created a shift in focus and brought things back to the home, many are looking for ways to beautify, transform and add safety to their backyard oasis. Glass fences do just that and the demand for these services is proof.

This is a terrific market to get into right now and learning from a top-rated professional with years of experience installing glass fences in this area is important. Because the installations involve understanding architectural design, materials, and the typical platforms for application in the area, you simply need strong attention to detail and a desire to learn to be successful as a glass fence installer.

Other characteristics of the job include lifting heavy glass panels and positioning them with a high level of precision. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn during the two-day intensive training program.

Day One of Glass Fence Training:

  • Introduction to US Glass Fence / Product range
  • Review and evaluation of competitor products.
  • Applications for glass fencing.
  • Types of glass fencing.
  • Designing with a glass fence.
  • Sales and marketing for glass fences.
  • Rules, regulations, licenses, and building codes.
  • Setting up a glass fencing business.
  • Measuring and providing quotes.
  • Measuring for design and fabrication.
  • Designing glass fences and ordering supplies.
  • Templating, CAD, and 3D measuring.

Day Two of Glass Fence Training:

  • Glass handling, storage, transportation, and moving.
  • Hands-on installation of frameless glass fence into a concrete patio or wall.
  • Assembly of glass panels (positioning, marking, drilling, alignment for perfection, mixing and installation of cement, cleaning and tidying up bonding.)
  • Gate installation
  • Cleaning and coating
  • Installation of handrails.

Become a US Glass Fence Partner

After successful completion of the course, you will become a certified installer and can apply to become a US Glass Fence Partner. With this partnership, you’ll have use of our logo, an exclusive territory, call-center support, and more!

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