We normally install frameless glass fencing into a concrete or stone patio. This enables us to core drill into the surface and cement the posts into the ground. Sometimes it is desirable to install a fence into a lawn or landscape area. In this situation we need to construct a concrete beam. This is how we do it.

First of all we dig a 12″ wide, 12″ deep trench.

Every 10′ or so we must dig a hole down to below the frost level. Here in New England this is 42″ below the finished grade.

We then line the trench with about 2″ of gravel to facilitate drainage.

Rebar is installed in the trench on either side, not down the middle.

The trench and holes are then filled with regular concrete (3000 psi) to within 2″ of the top.

When dry, a cap stone (Bluestone or similar) is then cemented to the top of the beam to bring it up to the finished grade.

We end up with a paved surface running through the landscape at grade level.

We can now drill the holes for the fence posts and install the glass fence.

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