If your property has a pool, you need a fence around it to prevent a tragic accident. If you’re unhappy with your current pool fence, glass can be an excellent alternative.

Prevent Injuries

If someone enters your pool without permission or falls in, that can lead to serious injuries or even death. Even if the person was trespassing, you can be held liable. A glass pool fence can be an effective safety barrier.

It’s also important to think about what might happen if the fence were to get damaged. A fence made of wood or metal can cause cuts and scrapes. If a fence made of tempered glass breaks, it forms round pieces that are unlikely to injure anyone. 

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Young children tend to wander off, and they can put themselves in dangerous situations without realizing that they’re in harm’s way. If a child gets near the pool without an adult present, you’ll be able to see what’s happening, even if you’re not nearby, and act before an accident occurs.

Stop Children from Climbing

A child who is determined to get into a pool will try to climb over a fence. With a glass fence, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to climb over because the smooth panels don’t have footholds. 

Spot an Intruder

It’s not just your own kids that you have to worry about. A pool can be appealing to other children who live in your neighborhood, as well as teenagers and adults who want to sneak in for a swim. Wild animals have even been caught taking a dip in people’s pools. If your pool is surrounded by a clear glass fence, you’ll be able to look out a window and see if anyone has entered the pool without permission.

Keep Maintenance Simple

You want to spend your free time relaxing in your pool, not taking care of the fence. Glass pool fencing is easy to clean and maintain. 

Enjoy the View

You want to appreciate the glistening water in your pool, as well as the landscape that surrounds it. You don’t want a fence that blocks the view. With a glass fence, you’ll be able to take in the scenery and have the security that you need.

Make Your Yard Seem Larger

A solid fence is a physical and visual barrier that clearly marks a space. A glass fence allows people to see what lies beyond the boundary. It can make your property seem bigger than it really is.

Raise Your Home’s Value

Homebuyers are often drawn to houses with pools but are concerned about safety. A glass fence offers security, easy maintenance, and the ability to enjoy the scenery. All those things can appeal to potential buyers and increase your property’s value.

Get a Quote for a Glass Fence

A glass fence can make your pool safer, let you enjoy the view, and minimize the amount of time you spend on maintenance. Contact US Glass Fence today to get an estimate.