If you own a pool, you need a barrier around it to keep children out of harm’s way. A pool fence must meet rigorous safety standards. 

US Glass Fence offers the only glass fence that has been certified for use as a pool fence. It has undergone comprehensive testing and has been recognized as a safe and trusted solution. Our glass fences also have a stylish and sophisticated design that won’t block your view.

How a Glass Fence Can Keep Children Safe

A pool can be tempting, and a child can be determined to get to a pool when there is no adult around to supervise. A child can also be creative and resourceful. A pool fence must be designed with that reality in mind. 

Glass fencing is constructed with smooth panels. Since there are no handholds, it’s virtually impossible for a child to climb a glass fence.

A child might use a chair or another object to try to scale a fence and get to a pool. A glass fence must be tall enough to serve as an effective barrier. Pool fences from US Glass Fence meet or exceed the height requirements set out in local regulations and building codes.

A child doesn’t necessarily have to climb a fence to gain access to a pool. Sometimes, an adult forgets to close a gate or thinks the gate is latched when it isn’t. Our glass fences have self-closing and self-latching gates that provide an additional layer of security to prevent a tragic accident.

Tempered glass undergoes a manufacturing process that makes it incredibly durable. Our glass fences are made with tempered glass that is eight times as strong as standard glass. A glass fence won’t get damaged if a child tries to climb on it or if it gets struck by an object.

A glass fence can make it easy for you to supervise your kids when they’re playing outside. Since it has clear glass panels, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in the area near your pool, even if you’re in another part of the yard or inside the house.

Get a Quote for a Glass Pool Fence

A glass fence is an ideal way to keep children safe, comply with safety regulations, and still enjoy the scenery around your property. US Glass Fence can design and install a barrier that’s customized to meet your specific goals and needs. If the ground in your yard slopes, we can accommodate the terrain. Contact us today to get an estimate.