If you plan to sell your house eventually, you will want to get as much money for it as you can. Home improvements can make your property more desirable to buyers and raise its value. Installing a glass fence is one way to increase your home’s appeal and its resale value.


Buyers, especially those with young children, prioritize safety. If your house has a pool, installing a glass fence around it can keep unattended kids out and prevent a tragic accident. In many locations, a fence is required for any home with a pool.

Although several types of materials can be used for pool fences, glass is a better option than others. Some materials can block the view, which can make it difficult or impossible to see if a child has gotten into the pool or the area around it. With a glass fence, a parent or another caregiver will be able to see the pool area and immediately know if something is wrong.

Children love to climb. If it’s possible to get a foothold, a determined child will find a way to scale a fence. A glass fence has smooth panels that prevent climbing.

Tempered glass is durable and can withstand damage from an impact. That makes it a good choice for outdoor use.


If your house has a beautiful natural landscape, that’s one of its strongest selling points, so you shouldn’t install any feature that would obstruct the view. A glass fence is clear and will let future owners of your home enjoy the view while they relax around the pool.

A glass fence can also make your property seem larger. Without a fence blocking the view of the surrounding landscape, prospective buyers who visit your property will see a large expanse and will come away with the impression that the yard is more spacious than it actually is.


A frameless glass fence can keep unsupervised children out of your pool and make it safer, and it won’t block the view of your yard and the landscape that surrounds your house. Making your property safer and maintaining its natural beauty can make it more appealing in the eyes of potential buyers and increase its value.

US Glass Fence can install a glass pool fence that will prevent an accident and let you and your guests enjoy the sights of nature while you relax in the backyard. When you eventually decide to sell your home, you can expect the fence to contribute to its value and help you draw offers from potential buyers. Contact US Glass Fence today to learn more about glass fencing and to request a quote.

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