Handrails are an integral part of any interior staircase, providing both décor and safety. Under the US Building code all staircases must have a continuous handrail for the full length of the stairs. We can provide handrails in a variety of materials including wood and stainless steel. Wood handrails can be mounted to the side of the glass or to the top edge. They are available in many different hardwoods such as Oak, Cherry and Mahogany.

We can also supply stainless steel handrails in brushed, polished or powder coated styles. They can be round or square and mounted to the glass or to the wall.

A caprail consists of a U shaped steel or wood channel that is designed to sit on the top edge of the glass. The channel provides additional strength to any glass railing and it also protects the top edge from damage. Be sure to call a professional glass railing installer.

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