A glass railing can keep people from falling from a staircase, deck, or balcony and won’t block the view. That’s why glass railings are so common in malls, office buildings, hotels, and homes. Glass railings must meet strict safety standards so they can prevent accidents.

Tempered Glass Is Durable

The glass that’s used to construct railings is not like the glass that’s used for dishes and windows. Railings have panels of tempered glass, which undergoes a manufacturing process that makes it significantly more durable than standard glass. 

Tempered glass is generally ½” thick. Even if someone leans against a glass railing or it gets struck by a blowing object, tempered glass will be able to stand up to the stress.  

In the unlikely event that tempered glass does break, it won’t form sharp pieces that can cut someone. Instead, it will shatter into small, rounded pieces that are unlikely to cause injuries.

Posts Hold Glass Panels in Place

People sometimes think that glass railings aren’t sturdy. Glass panels are inserted into posts that hold them firmly in place. Several types of posts can be used, depending on where the glass railing is installed, the type of material the posts are attached to, and the building owner’s preferences.

Glass Railings Must Meet Height Requirements

When installing a railing, it’s important to make it high enough to prevent someone from falling over it and to keep a child from climbing it. Local building departments set minimum height requirements for glass railings. Building codes might have different standards for commercial and residential applications. Minimum heights might also depend on whether a railing is used on a staircase or a balcony. 

Get an Estimate for a Glass Railing

With a glass railing, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about your child, a guest, an employee, or a customer falling from a stairway or balcony. You won’t have to spoil the view to keep people out of harm’s way. They will be able to see through the clear glass panels and take in the architectural details and furnishings inside the building or enjoy the picturesque landscape that surrounds it. 

US Glass Fence installs custom glass railings that are made with durable tempered glass. We can work with you to design a glass railing for your home or business. Contact us today to discuss your goals and options and to get an estimate.