A glass railing can be used on a balcony or stairway to prevent falls without blocking the view. People often ask if glass railings are safe. Some wonder if glass panels can stand up to the stress of an impact and worry that someone might get cut and injured if a glass panel breaks. Here are some important things you should know.

Tempered Glass Is Strong and Safe

Glass panels are set in metal posts that hold them securely in place. That means that a glass railing can withstand an impact, and it won’t move and allow someone to fall.

Glass railings are made with tempered glass that has undergone a process that makes it much stronger than standard glass. Tempered glass is thick enough to withstand a significant amount of force without breaking. That means it’s safe to use as a barrier on a balcony or staircase.

In the unlikely event that tempered glass does break, it doesn’t crack into pieces with jagged edges that can cut someone. Instead, tempered glass breaks into small pieces that are unlikely to cause injury.

Railings Are High Enough to Prevent Falls

Glass railings must conform to local building codes, which set specific requirements in terms of height. When a glass railing is used on stairs or a balcony, the top of the railing must be high enough to keep a person from falling over the edge and to keep a child from climbing over the top.

In some cases, a handrail is installed on top of a glass railing to provide a surface for people to grip as they walk up or down a staircase. That can make it safer to navigate the stairs and prevent accidents.

Get a Quote for a Glass Railing

US Glass Fence can install a glass railing on your staircase or balcony that will keep your family and guests safe while still allowing you to enjoy the view. We install guardrail systems made by Q-railing. Their products are widely used in homes and businesses, such as offices, malls, airports, museums, and stadiums.

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