We were contracted by a regional builder to install a selection of glass railings and for a pool installation and raised stone terrace. Included in the scope was a 48″ high glass gate attached to a rustic stone pillar at the bottom of some stone steps. This is how we completed the job.

Firstly we made a template from mdf using a CNC machine so that we could fabricate the hinge plates and position them before moving to glass. Glass and stone are not a good mix. 

We modified the Polaris hinge mounting plates by drilling and counter sinking in order to attach two threaded stainless anchors. We then positioned the template and marked the hole locations on the stone pilar. Holes were drilled, filled with a two part epoxy cement and the gate was put in position and held in place until the epoxy was dry.

The mdf gate was then removed and the glass gate installed. We installed the latch in the same way after the gate was in position.

The gate was 47″ x 47″ so we decided to use three hinges.

We almost always use Polaris hinges and gate latches. Partly because there is nothing better available as far as I am aware. Unfortunately the quality of the product line has deteriorated over the last few years. The dampeners are not as effective and they often pierce the plastic housing in cold weather. Spare dampeners are not available unless you buy a kit which is frustrating. The magnetic latch that they bundle with the gate lock is useless. It comes loose very quickly and the tightening screws are useless and have to be replaced.

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