Outdoor dining has always been popular with the public – who doesn’t appreciate the opportunity to sit outside on a lovely day or evening and enjoy fine food and drinks with friends? In the last few years, however, outdoor dining has become even more popular thanks to the global COVID pandemic. Dining outdoors in fresh air simply feels safer than sitting in a crowded indoor dining room.

There are statistics to back this up. The National Restaurant Association’s 2021 Industry report found that 56 percent of casual dining and 62 percent of fine dining restaurants expanded their outdoor spaces since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. As the restaurant industry continues to recover from losses suffered during the pandemic, more businesses are realizing that creating outdoor dining spaces attracts new diners and helps them stand out from the competition.

Creating an outdoor dining space first means fencing off an outdoor area. Not all fencing is created equal in the quest to create an attractive space. Diners don’t want to feel like they’re in a cattle pen with wooden or metal fencing closing them in. For this reason, glass fencing is proving to be a popular choice with restaurants looking to create a lovely outdoor setting.

The Benefits of Glass Fencing

Glass fences accomplish the same work as other fences: they help you delineate the dining area so that passersby don’t wander in, and help your diners feel secure while they are enjoying their meal or drinks. Glass also has significant advantages over other types of fencing.

It’s attractive. Frameless glass fencing is elegant, timeless, understated and stunning, making it an ideal choice for appealing outdoor dining areas. It doesn’t box diners in, nor does it obstruct the view to and from the restaurant.

It lets more light in. Outdoor dining areas are usually covered against the weather, so opaque fencing can make outdoor dining spaces dark and uninviting. Glass fencing allows both natural and artificial light to percolate through to dining areas, making them brighter and more cheerful.

It’s safe. Glass is an excellent material: it’s smooth and doesn’t provide a foothold for unauthorized visitors or wandering children to climb over.

It’s easy to keep clean. While wood and metal fences can become dirty and rusty and difficult to clean, smooth glass is easy to clean and maintain to keep it sparkling to show off your dining space to its best advantage.

Glass helps let nature in. A 2015 study found that retail spaces were up to 25 percent more valuable when paired with natural elements like trees and plants. If you’re lucky enough to have a location surrounded by trees and plants, glass fencing helps you connect the dining area to natural beauty.

Glass is strong. At US Glass Fence, our glass fencing and railings are constructed using crystal clear half-inch thick tempered architectural glass panels. All glass fence panels are custom fabricated to your specific needs. US Glass Fence uses only the strongest toughened glass, which is eight times the strength of regular glass and made to withstand years of use with a minimum of maintenance. Our beautiful panels are anchored by stylish and resilient marine grade stainless steel post hardware.

Consider Glass for Your Outdoor Dining Needs

For more information about how a glass fence can add to the attractiveness of your outdoor dining space, call US Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website.