When we install exterior glass we usually coat the glass with a nano sealer called DSS Reactive. The coating creates a covalent bond with the glass effectively making the glass smoother. The Titanium Dioxide coating will react with sunlight and break down hydrocarbons making the glass ‘Self Cleaning’.

There are occasions though when you will need to clean the glass and using the correct technique will avoid streaking and drying marks. 

Streaks will occur on glass if water containing minerals is allowed to dry on the surface. Varying amounts of mineral will be deposited on the glass leaving streaky marks. These will be particularly noticeable in direct sunlight.

We recommend using the following cleaning technique using professional cleaning tools that are available in your local hardware store or online.

Cleaning Water

Add a capful of window cleaning solution to a gallon of Distilled Water. 

We recommend Ettore Squeegee Off or Unger Glass Cleaner. Both of these products are available on line or from Home Depot or Lowes. Distilled water is available in most supermarkets.


Using a microfiber T applicator apply the solution to the glass, rubbing to loosen dirt etc. You do not need much solution. It should not be running off the glass.


Using a small squeegee remove the soapy water from the glass using a fan motion. Try to keep the sweeter in contact with the glass at all times. Try not to go over a dry area with the blade. Bring all of the soap water down to one. side or the bottom.

Wipe Clean

Using a microfiber cloth wipe off any drops from the side and bottom.