A typical railing usually consists of upright posts, a top rail and some kind of filler. This could be glass, wooden posts or wire. By combining the incredible strength or tempered glass with Mergelock stainless steel posts we can create a railing that does not need the upright posts or top rail. Two, stylishly designed posts, clamp to the bottom of the glass and attach to the top or side of the the decking or floor. The result is a simple, minimalist glass railing that is incredibly strong.

The Mergelock stainless steel edge posts are cast from 316 marine grade stainless steel. The mechanism that clamps the post to the glass is completely hidden so there are no ugly grub screws or pressure plates. The clamp is then attached top the substrate using appropriate fasteners. There is a 2.5″ gap between the bottom of the glass and the surface so water, leaves and other debris will not accumulate at the bottom of the glass. 

Glass is fabricated for every individual project. We try to keep the glass width to around six feet. Heights can be up to 42″ or higher if we add a small clamp to brace each panel together. 

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