Frameless Glass Pool Fencing & Glass Fences

‘Frameless glass pool fencing consists of a glass panel supported by two small stainless steel posts attached to the bottom edge. It is elegant, minimalist, versatile, strong and almost invisible.’

Glass – We use 1/2″ thick clear tempered glass which is eight times stronger than normal glass. We typically use glass panels that are around 72″ wide although in certain circumstances we can use much larger sizes. We only use the highest quality fabricators and all glass is free of imperfections with polished edges.

Glass can be cut and fabricated to any shape allowing us to follow grade changes, steps and slopes.

Posts – US Glass Fence is the sole distributor of Mergelock stainless steel posts. These posts are unique in that they are not machined from a piece of steel stock but are manufactured using the ‘Lost Wax’ method of casting. This results in a smaller post that is stronger and more attractive than conventional offerings. In addition; the clamping mechanism is completely enclosed and so there are no visible screws or fasteners. All posts are manufactured from marine grade polished stainless steel.dPosts are supplied with a polished finish as standard but they can also be powder coated in any color or supplied with a brushed finish.

Versatile – There are three variations of the Mergelock posts to allow for core drilled, edge and surface mounted fences.

Gates – We can install single gates up to 42″ wide and double gates up to 72″ wide. The standard and recommended sizes are 36″ for a single and 60″ for a double. All gates are supplied with soft closing hinges and self latching locks.

Coatings – In order to minimize maintenance we recommend coating the glass with a proprietary nano-coating. This forms a covalent bond with the glass to make the surface so smooth that it will repel water and prevent hydrocarbons from attaching to the surface.

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For more information call us @ 1 888 814 9346.