Facts about Glass Railings for Decks

If you plan to install a deck outside your house, it will need a railing to keep people safe. The last thing you want is to have a family member or guest fall from the side of your deck and get injured. When it comes to materials for a deck railing, you have several options. Glass is an excellent choice for numerous reasons.


Glass railings are made with tempered glass, which undergoes a process that makes it stronger than standard glass. That means that tempered glass can withstand an impact without shattering. Even if someone runs on the deck, falls, and strikes the glass railing, it’s unlikely to break. A glass railing can also stand up to years of exposure to a wide range of weather conditions.


If your property is surrounded by trees or mountains, or if there is a body of water nearby, you want your family members and guests to be able to enjoy the view. A deck railing made of wood or another solid material can obstruct the view. A glass railing, on the other hand, will let you and your loved ones enjoy your surroundings without anything getting in the way.

When selecting a material for your deck railing, you need to think about how it will look in relation to the rest of your house. If you want to give your deck a clean look that won’t distract from your home’s overall architectural design, glass is the perfect choice because of its transparent appearance.


Many homeowners assume that caring for a glass deck railing will involve a lot of work, but it’s actually very simple. All you have to do is spray the railing with a hose to remove any loose dirt and other debris, wash the railing with a solution of dish soap and water, rinse it off, and let it dry.

Get an Estimate for a Glass Deck Railing

US Glass Fence can install a railing on your deck that will keep people safe and enhance your home’s aesthetics. A glass deck railing is easy to maintain, and it can increase your home’s resale value.

Our team can design a glass railing system that suits your deck’s dimensions, then fabricate the components and install the railing. Contact US Glass Fence today to learn more about the benefits of glass deck railings, to ask questions about the design and installation process, and to get a quote for your own custom glass deck railing.