So you’re enjoying your outdoor spaces by dining outside and the wind picks up. Are you doomed to spend the rest of the meal chasing napkins and paper plates around the patio? Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly and easily erect barriers to the wind that won’t disturb your outdoor dining view? 

Wind-Dam, which is based in Poland, has an answer for homeowners or business owners with outdoor needs that change with the weather. The company creates innovative, retractable glass railings for spaces exposed to the elements of wind, sand and noise. With a single movement, the glass height can be easily increased or lowered to suit the weather conditions or your preferences. 

The system uses aluminum frames and half-inch toughened safety glass that can be raised or lowered with the help of hydraulics as needed depending on the weather or privacy preferences and locked into place for stability. This provides additional protection from wind, noise and other weather elements. Private homeowners (or restaurants or other commercial entities using the barriers) are able to customize their outdoor spaces to make for more comfortable dining or socializing, extending the outdoor dining season by helping diners stay more comfortable in cool weather or at night. 

Best of all, Wind-Dam retractable fence solutions are easy to use. By simply pressing the top of the glass, the hydraulic mechanism increases the height from 43″ to 71″.  The glass can then be lowered until it locks back into place. Wind-Dam glass railings are ideal windbreakers for use around terraces, gardens, balconies, dining areas and pools in residential and commercial type applications.  

Wind-Dam Is Easy, Sturdy and Beautiful 

Some of the features of Wind-Dam retractable fencing include the following:

  • Significant wind protection when the railing is extended, as the fencing can resist wind gusts up to 74.5 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour).  
  • When the railing is retracted, it is designed to resist wind up to 124 miles per hour, or 200 kilometers per hour.
  • Wind-Dam glass fences are engineered to prevent annoying vibration during wind pressure, so they won’t rattle during storms. 
  • An automatic lock when the railing is extended prevents any noise during wind pressure.
  • A modern, elegant design that helps you make the most of outdoor views and enjoyment of your property.  
  • Resistance to corrosion as well as extreme temperature conditions. 

U.S. Glass Fence is a Proud Supplier of Wind-Dam Glass Barriers

US Glass Fence LLC is pleased to represent Wind-Dam in the United States. We share their commitment to exceptional service and quality. Every Wind-Dam Glass Barrier railing panel is factory-made and shipped to US Glass Fence by container. This ensures that quality and consistency are maintained.

For more information about how glass barriers can add to the attractiveness and appeal of your outdoor dining space, call US Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website, where you can view examples of our Wind-Dam installations in a variety of settings.