If you own a house with a balcony or a beachfront property, you most likely enjoy sharing outdoor meals with family and friends. If you operate a restaurant with a balcony, the option to eat outdoors is probably one of the things that makes your business so appealing to customers.

A strong wind gust can quickly turn a serene get-together into a chaotic situation. A retractable glass windbreak system can protect your family or guests from strong winds and allow people to revel in the beautiful landscape around your home or restaurant.

How a Retractable Glass Windbreak System Works 

A Wind-Dam glass wind barrier consists of two sheets of glass. One section is always exposed and ready to provide protection from wind, blowing objects, and noise. The other piece of glass is retractable. 

When the second glass section is not being used, a windbreak stands 43” tall. When additional wind protection is needed, the windbreak can be raised to a height of 71”. 

Extending a windbreak couldn’t be simpler. Someone simply presses on the top of the glass, and a hydraulic mechanism raises the second piece of glass. 

Benefits of a Retractable Glass Windbreak

A retractable glass windbreak system is versatile and convenient. It can protect people and property from strong winds, but it won’t get in the way when it’s not needed or block the view that you or your customers love so much. Since the barrier is made of clear glass panels, people will be able to enjoy the scenery and see what’s going on around them, even when the second panel is extended and the windbreak is standing at its full height.

A windbreak is made of durable tempered glass. The manufacturing process that’s used to produce tempered glass makes it significantly stronger than standard glass. Tempered glass can stand up to fierce winds and can handle an impact from a blowing object. If someone leans against a glass windbreak, a panel won’t lean or come loose.

When standard glass breaks, it forms jagged pieces that can cut people. That’s not an issue with tempered glass. If tempered glass breaks, it forms small, round pieces that are unlikely to cause injuries.

Get a Quote for a Glass Windbreak 

With a retractable glass windbreak system, you won’t have to worry about wind interrupting a peaceful dinner at home. If you run a business, you won’t have to disappoint guests by telling them that they can’t eat on the balcony. 

US Glass Fence can install a custom Wind-Dam retractable glass windbreak system at your home or business. Contact us today to get a quote.