Retail, restaurant and other hospitality businesses face stiff competition, which is one of the many reasons the turnover is so high in these industries. Sometimes, it feels arbitrary regarding which businesses succeed and thrive and which fold up shop after only a few years. Experts agree, however, that one of the major factors for success is “curb appeal.” Customers with a lot of choices about where to spend their expendable income want a unique, attractive environment.

There are a number of ways that an attractive storefront, outdoor patio or other amenity added to your commercial property will bring you a steady stream of customers and a strong return on your investment. These factors include landscaping, signage, location and creating a unique and exclusive space that invites visitors to come inside or sit outside. While fencing may not seem like a big element, it can make or break the attractiveness of your retail or hospitality location.

Why Fencing?

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, more retail and hospitality businesses are looking to create outdoor spaces that allow shoppers or diners to browse or dine in safety. But not all fences are created equal: if you’re trying to invite people into your business, a chain link fence doesn’t exactly send a warm, welcoming message. While outdoor railings are a great way to add curb appeal, they need to fit with the ambience the business is trying to create.

Why Glass Fencing?

Glass fences are an elegant option for outdoor business railings. They permit an unobstructed view of the business as well as the landscape. Outdoor glass fences and glass railing systems add value to the property in which they are installed and can help you build an inviting brand that consumers want to revisit again and again. Glass fencing is elegant, timeless, understated and stunning for commercial properties as it lets in light and beautiful views and doesn’t detract from the other curb appeal elements of your business such as signage, plantings or window displays. From a safety perspective, glass is an excellent material: it’s smooth and doesn’t provide a foothold for unauthorized visitors to climb over.

U.S. Glass Fence Can Help

At U.S. Glass Fence, our glass fencing and railings are constructed using crystal clear half-inch thick tempered architectural glass panels. All glass fence panels are custom fabricated to your specific retail or hospitality needs. US Glass Fence uses only the strongest toughened glass, which is eight times the strength of regular glass and made to withstand years of use with a minimum of maintenance. Our beautiful panels are anchored by stylish and resilient marine grade stainless steel post hardware. All gates are self-closing and self-latching.

Our team of construction professionals are adept at solving complex design challenges. If your project involves an intricate design, trust our construction experts to find and produce solutions needed to turn your ideas into reality.

For more information about how a glass fence can add to the attractiveness of your retail or hospitality business while maintaining safety and security, call U.S. Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website.