Summer is coming, and many Americans are looking forward to their favorite moment of the warm-weather season: opening their pool. Pools are an oasis of family fun, pool parties, relaxing moonlight soaks and outdoor exercise. For this reason, you’ve probably gone to great lengths to choose attractive options near the pool, whether it’s landscaping, lawn care, gardens, foot paths, lighting and outdoor decoration. 

It’s important, however, for pool owners to appreciate the responsibility they have for keeping their pool areas safe, which is why most people have fences around their pool per the local laws of their city, county or state. Property owners can be held liable for injuries that occur in or outside of their homes, and swimming pools present special risks that the legal system recognizes as particularly dangerous. The law defines swimming pools as “an attractive nuisance” because they tempt children and others to enter the property without understanding the danger pools can present. 

Not All Pool Fences are Created Equal

While most fences will accomplish their baseline function: to keep unauthorized people and pets from wandering into your pool area, not all fences will complement your home, your view and your enjoyment of your pool. Chain link fences are effective, of course, but your backyard will look something like a prison yard. Picket fences are attractive, but they’re often not high enough for security, and they can block your view of (and from) the pool. (After all, you didn’t spend all that time and money installing a pool in your backyard just to block it with fencing.)

Why You Should Consider Glass Pool Fencing

Glass fences are an elegant option for pool safety security barriers. They permit an unobstructed clear view of the pool, patio and landscape. Outdoor glass pool fences and glass railing systems add value to the property in which they are installed and reflect a growing trend in design and pool safety. Frameless glass pool fencing is elegant, timeless, understated and stunning for residential properties. From a safety perspective, glass is an excellent material: it’s smooth and doesn’t provide a foothold for unauthorized visitors to climb over.

U.S. Glass Fence Can Help

At U.S. Glass Fence, our glass fencing and railings are constructed using crystal clear half-inch thick tempered architectural glass panels. All glass fence panels are custom fabricated to your specific needs. US Glass Fence uses only the strongest toughened glass, which is eight times the strength of regular glass and made to withstand years of use with a minimum of maintenance. Our beautiful panels are anchored by stylish and resilient marine grade stainless steel post hardware. All gates are self-closing and self-latching. Frameless glass fencing from US Glass Fence is the only glass fence that is tested and certified for pool fences to use as a safety barrier, gate or guardrail.

For more information about how a glass fence can add to the attractiveness of your home and yard while maintaining safety and security in your pool area, call U.S. Glass Fence at 888-814-9346 or visit our website.