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Artist Studio – Greenwich, CT

Here is a link to an awesome project we completed with Nordic Custom Builders in Connecticut. The project involved building a three level studio into the side of a hill, deep in the Greenwich countryside. 

We installed ‘Starfire’ glass balustrades on the roof and mid floor. The base Q-Railing base shoes were concealed under the decking making the railing almost invisible.

To see more pictures follow this link to Nordic Custom Builders.

Glass Cleaning

When we install exterior glass we usually coat the glass with a nano sealer called DSS Reactive. The coating creates a covalent bond with the glass effectively making the glass smoother. The Titanium Dioxide coating will react with sunlight and break down hydrocarbons making the glass ‘Self Cleaning’.

There are occasions though when you will need to clean the glass and using the correct technique will avoid streaking and drying marks. 

Streaks will occur on glass if water containing minerals is allowed to dry on the surface. Varying amounts of mineral will be deposited on the glass leaving streaky marks. These will be particularly noticeable in direct sunlight.

We recommend using the following cleaning technique using professional cleaning tools that are available in your local hardware store or online.

Cleaning Water

Add a capful of window cleaning solution to a gallon of Distilled Water. 

We recommend Ettore Squeegee Off or Unger Glass Cleaner. Both of these products are available on line or from Home Depot or Lowes. Distilled water is available in most supermarkets.


Using a microfiber T applicator apply the solution to the glass, rubbing to loosen dirt etc. You do not need much solution. It should not be running off the glass.


Using a small squeegee remove the soapy water from the glass using a fan motion. Try to keep the sweeter in contact with the glass at all times. Try not to go over a dry area with the blade. Bring all of the soap water down to one. side or the bottom.

Wipe Clean

Using a microfiber cloth wipe off any drops from the side and bottom.  

US Glass Fence to Distribute Rigi Clamps

US Glass Fence will be distributing the full range of type 316 polished stainless steel RIGI Clamps through their WEB STORE.

RIGI Clamps enable users to brace or secure glass panels together. The range will include wall clamps, swivel clams, straight clamps and two sizes and 90 degree clamps in two sizes.

RIGI Clamps are made from polished type 316 solid stainless steel. They can be used with 1/2″ tempered clear and laminated glass.

Middletown High School, NY

This project was completed towards the end of 2020 at Middletown High School, Middletown NY. The job involved attaching a glass and stainless steel railing to a 12″ high knee wall using Q-Railing face mounted posts. There were also several stainless steel stair balustrades and a continuous handrail along the sides of the access ramps.

The coronavirus caused several delays to the construction elements of the project which meant that our installation had to be completed in a timely fashion.

Q-Railing side mount posts were installed to tiled surface on the knee wall. This required strengthening the tile surface by adding anchoring cement and epoxy filler. A single 5/8″ bolt was epoxied into the wall using a Hilti Epoxy Cement. This supported the 1.9″ post and the glass 1/2″ tempered glass panels.

On the top of the glass a continuous stainless steel cap rail was installed. Mystic Stainless provided the welding and polishing services from their workshop and on site.

The stair handrails were fabricated by the Wagner Company and then modified by Mystic Stainless.

The continuous stainless steel handrail was fabricated on site using Q-Railing components.

Frameless Glass Patio Guardrail – Candlewood Lake, CT

Working closely with Landscape Architect Robert Sherwood, we installed a frameless glass railing on the front and sides of this bluestone patio overlooking Candlewood Lake.

The glass panels were 37″ high, secured in place using Mergelock core drilled stainless steel posts. 

A Q-Railing polished stainless steel handrail was installed on each side of the steps.

Project File – Frameless Glass Guardrail – Bedford, NY

This installation involved the installation of 1/2″ ‘Starfire’ tempered glass onto the side of an Ipe deck. The glass was attached using Q-Railing stand-off mounts every 24″ or so. Additional holes were provided so that the carpenters could attach a wood facia to the deck structure to conceal the fasteners. 

This project was completed in collaboration with The Glen Gate Company of Wilton, CT.

In order to provide both pool code compliance and satisfy the building code for guardrails several of the glass panels were fabricated oversize and braced to each other using stainless steel clamps. Gates were installed using stainless steel posts as support.

Introducing Big Sky Glass Fence

After recently completing the US Glass Fence Training and Certification Program Ben Godfrey and Ben Bozorth have now established Big Sky Glass Fence based in Bozeman Montana covering the State and surrounding areas.

Beg Godfrey recently moved to the area and has a background in design, sales, marketing and distribution. Ben Bozorth is a Montana native with almost two decades of building experience. Meticulous and dedicated to his craft, Ben has worked in numerous areas of high end construction in the Gallatin Valley and surrounding areas.

The US Glass Fence range of frameless glass fences and railings provide almost invisible railing solutions for decks, patios and pools. US Glass Fence glass railings are constructed using  1/2″ thick tempered clear glass panels custom manufactured to your specific requirements. Tempered glass is over eight times the strength of regular glass and will provide years of maintenance free service. The glass panels are anchored into position using our patented marine grade stainless steel posts that have no visible screws or fasteners.

For more information contact Ben Godfrey on on 406 944 5277 to set up a consultation.


Easy Alu offers you all of the benefits of a high grade aluminum railing with Q-Railing by US Glass Fence quality built in. Its stylish modern design is minimalist yet strong enough for even the most demanding locations. Several configurations are available including intermediate bars, colored glass and multiple colors.

What Sets It Apart?

Attractive pricing, unlimited customization options for starters.

The system is light in weight but engineered to be strong. 

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Surface or facia mounting.

Available in brushed anodized, mill finish or powder coated in any color.

Leveling blocks for uneven floors.

For more information please call 1 844 348 6977

Glass Fencing On A Slope

Frameless glass fencing can be installed on sloped areas using glass panels  cut as parallelograms and drilling the stainless steel posts in vertically.

Installing onto sloped areas is very difficult to do but when done well it can look great. First of all we install a concrete beam at the finished grade level. The beam is made up of 6 foot sections.

We then measure the angle of the beam and calculate the size and shape of each panel.

The panels are cut to shape and a notch is cut out for the post.

Installation involves drilling vertical holes into the beam and installing the glass so that the sides are vertical.

Installing Frameless Glass Fence On A Beam

We normally install frameless glass fencing into a concrete or stone patio. This enables us to core drill into the surface and cement the posts into the ground. Sometimes it is desirable to install a fence into a lawn or landscape area. In this situation we need to construct a concrete beam. This is how we do it.

First of all we did a 12″ wide, 12″ deep trench.

Every 10′ we must did a hole down to below the frost love. Here in New England this is 42″ below the finished grade.

We then line the trench with 3″ of gravel to facilitate drainage.

Rebar is installed in the trench on either  side, not down the middle.

The trench and homes are then filled with regular concrete (3000 psi) to wishing 2″ of the top.

When dry, a cap stone (Bluestone or similar) is then cemented to the top of the beam to bring it up to the finished grade.

We can now drill the holes for the fence posts and install the glass fence.

For more information and construction drawing please contact mail@usglassfence.com.