For most homeowners, security and curb appeal are top concerns. If you want to keep intruders out of your yard and keep your kids out of harm’s way, but you also to enjoy the natural landscape that drew you to the property in the first place, a glass fence is a perfect solution.

What Are the Benefits of a Glass Fence?

Glass fencing consists of clear panels that are virtually invisible. You won’t have to worry about them obstructing the view of the trees, water, mountains, or other natural elements that you enjoy. You will have the security you need while still being able to take in the beautiful landscape that surrounds your home.

A solid fence creates a clearly defined boundary between yards. Since a glass fence is nearly invisible from a distance, it doesn’t make people feel confined. Glass fencing can actually make your property seem larger than it really is. 

If you own a pool, you need to have a fence around it to keep children out of danger and to comply with local laws and homeowners insurance company requirements. If you would rather not block the view, a glass fence can keep kids safe while still allowing you to see what’s happening, whether you’re in or around the pool or in another part of the yard. 

If buyers are interested in your house because of the natural landscape, the last thing you want to do is put up a solid fence that will block the view. Glass fencing can be appealing to buyers who are concerned about aesthetics, as well as safety. Installing a glass fence can help you attract a buyer and increase your home’s property value.

Is Glass Fencing Safe?

Tempered glass is used in glass fencing. It undergoes a process that makes it several times stronger than standard glass. That means that tempered glass can stand up to harsh weather, blowing debris, accidental collisions, and other things that might damage other types of fencing. 

If tempered glass does break, it forms small pieces with round edges. The way that tempered glass breaks makes it unlikely to cause injuries. Standard glass, on the other hand, breaks into sharp pieces that can cause serious cuts. If a fence made of wood or metal gets damaged, it can also injure a person or a pet.

Get an Estimate for a Glass Fence

US Glass Fence can install a fence that will make your property safer without blocking the view that you love. We can work around the terrain and design a glass fence that’s tailored to your specific property. Contact us today to learn more.