Glass railings are becoming increasingly popular in both homes and businesses because of their sleek and minimalist appearance. Since glass railings can be installed using a variety of methods, they can complement a multitude of architectural designs.

What Is a Concealed Railing System?

Sometimes a glass railing is installed so that it appears to be suspended or rising straight up out of the floor. That stunning visual effect is achieved by using a concealed support system. 

How Can a Concealed Railing System Be Installed?

With a concealed railing system, glass railings are held in place with a hidden base shoe or standoff posts. You might prefer one installation method over the other because of your building’s design or your personal preference.

A base shoe railing has an extruded aluminum channel and uses an adjustable wedge and shim system to hold glass panels in place. The aluminum channel can be mounted on the surface or on the side, or it can be concealed. In a concealed railing system, the base shoe is hidden from view. A base shoe railing design provides a glass railing that’s strong and also has a sleek appearance.

A concealed railing system can also be installed using standoff posts, which are sometimes referred to as pins or brackets. The posts are attached to the side of the supporting structure, which can be made of concrete, wood, or steel. When a glass railing is attached to the posts, it stands off from the supporting structure to create an unexpected aesthetic design. 

Is a Concealed Railing System Right for Your Home or Business?

Before installing a concealed railing system, it’s critical to make sure that a glass railing will be structurally secure. The underlying structure has to be strong enough to support the posts that will hold the railing in place. 

US Glass Fence has installed glass railings and fences in homes and businesses with a wide range of architectural styles. Glass railings are versatile, which is one reason for their popularity. 

If you’re interested in having a concealed railing system installed at your property, a member of our team can discuss the benefits of this type of design and explain more about the installation process. We can also inspect the area where you’re thinking about adding a concealed railing system to figure out if it’s capable of supporting the posts. Contact US Glass Fence today to learn more or to schedule an inspection and get an estimate.