Sleek, simple features can enhance the contemporary design of your home or business. A glass railing on a staircase or balcony can complement your building’s minimalist décor and help draw people’s attention to other elements.

Embracing Minimalism in Design

When it comes to interior design, many people believe that less is more. A glass railing can serve an important function without drawing attention away from a building’s architectural style and furnishings. With a clear glass railing, people will be able to focus on the things that you want them to focus on, such as the modern furniture and artwork, both upstairs and downstairs.

Enhancing Contemporary Architectural Styles

If your home or business has a contemporary architectural design, a sleek glass railing can be the perfect addition. Glass and metal are usually prominent in buildings with modern architecture. A glass railing is made of clear panels that are set in stylish stainless-steel posts.

Creating an Open and Airy Feel

In a building with a staircase or balcony, a railing is an essential safety feature. That doesn’t mean that it has to block the view. 

A glass railing won’t create a visual barrier the way that other types of railings can. People who walk up or down the stairs or stand in the lobby will be able to look around and take in their surroundings without anything standing in the way.

A glass railing can be particularly well suited to a building with an open floor plan. If your home or business has an open design, you’ll have to carefully choose features that will complement that style, not create the impression that some areas are separated from others. A glass railing can help you achieve the open and airy feel that you want.

Keeping People Safe

People sometimes worry that glass railings won’t be sturdy enough to prevent an accident. Railings are made with tempered glass, which undergoes a manufacturing process that makes it much stronger than standard glass. 

In the unlikely event that a glass railing does break, it’s unlikely to injure anyone. Tempered glass shatters into small, round pieces. That dramatically reduces the risk of cuts.

Get an Estimate for a Glass Railing

US Glass Fence has installed railings made of tempered glass at homes and businesses in a wide range of industries. Property owners and managers enjoy the sleek and contemporary design of glass railings.

Installing a glass railing can enhance your building’s modern aesthetic and make a positive impression on anyone who comes to visit. Contact US Glass Fence today to learn more about the benefits of glass railings and to get a quote.