About US Glass Fence

US Glass Fence LLC is owned by Robin Leigh and based in Connecticut. The company designs, installs and maintains glass fencing and railings.

In November 2020 they launched the US Glass Fence Training Center giving the opportunity for selective entrepreneurs to enter this growing and exciting market with tools, equipment, training and support.

US Glass Fence imports a range of glass fencing and railing products from across the world. We test every product and work closely with designers and manufactures to produce and supply the best products at competitive prices. We fabricate a proprietary range of tools and equipment to ensure that every glass fence installation is perfect.

Robin Leigh – Born in the UK – Graduated in photography & Communications – Sales Representative for Gillette UK – Product Manager Polaroid UK – Relocated to Dubai and spent 10 years as General Manager for Polaroid – Relocated to South Africa as General Manager Polaroid SA – Relocated to New Zealand and became a professional sailor with captains licenses for UK and US – Sailed around the world for five years – Married Rachel and moved to US in 2002.  – Thirteen year old son called Oliver.

For more information call us @ 1 888 814 9346.


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For more information call us @ 1 888 814 9346.