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US Glass Fence Teams up with Q-Railing

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Railings and balustrades are necessary to prevent people from falling from staircases and balconies. Q-railing has designed an extensive line of railings, balustrades, and parts that can be used with glass fencing to create an attractive, safe, and practical design. Their products are used in homes, stores, malls, offices, public buildings, museums, stadiums, airports, and swimming pools.

The Q-handrail is a wood or contemporary stainless steel railing that can be used with glass fencing. This handrail is versatile and can be utilized in many locations with an array of design options.

The Q-line is a collection of pieces that are curved to work with railings and balustrades that go around corners. These railings are both functional and practical.

Q-railing’s square line includes wood rails, cables, rods, and panels. These design elements can be used with glass fencing to create a contemporary look.

Quickrail creates a symmetrical, industrial style with sharp, angular shapes. This attractive design gives a sophisticated appearance to a staircase or balcony.

For homes or businesses where a barrier is needed but a railing is not desired, Q-railing’s Easy Glass System is the solution. This minimalist glass panel has an optional top railing for a contemporary design that can be used both indoors and outside.

The company produces approximately 50 new products every year. All of Q-railing’s components are fully modular, which means they can be used with any of their railing systems. This opens up a wide range of design possibilities. Their modular design also makes them quick and easy to install.

Q-railing’s products are extensively tested in their own facility, as well as by internationally-leading Enforcing Authorities. All of their products come with materials certificates.

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