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Trends in Pool Design for 2016

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Pool design is evolving and becoming more complex and refined. A modern pool can be a luxurious retreat in a backyard with a variety of optional features to make it a welcome place to escape after a stressful day. Here are some of the top trends in pool design.

Pools can be designed in an array of shapes, including round, rectangle, square, octagonal, L-shaped, and oval. A pool can be developed with other features, such as a swim-up bar, suntanning ledge, and sloping entry.

Water features, including waterfalls, water fountains, and cascading water features, can also be added. Sheer water walls, water sconces, and spraying jets are also popular features.

Backyard fire fixtures can add warmth and drama. An outdoor fireplace, fire pit, fire bowl, or cauldron is sure to impress friends and neighbors. Fire elements can even float on top of the water for a floating fire “island” effect.

A knife edge pool is similar to an infinity pool with a ”drop-off” effect, except that in a knife edge pool all four sides have a “disappearing edge” effect. Water sits at the same level as the pool deck and flows into a slot edge at the perimeter.

You can work out in a pool with an extended lap pool layout or a resistance jet. This allows you to swim distances in a small pool without needing to flip around. You can relax after your workout in a hot spa.

A sloped entry, which is also called a beach entry or zero entry, has one or more sides that gradually slope down to the water. This makes it easy to get into the pool. Beach entry pools can be designed like beach resorts.

Baja shelves are ledges that create a platform in the water about a foot deep where lounge chairs can be placed without being completely underwater. This can create a feeling like a beach resort.

Glass tiles can create an iridescent look. They are often used to accent vertical walls or to create rings of glass tile around the interior of a pool. Glass tiles are more durable than ceramic or porcelain and come in an array of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.

LED lighting can be used in water features and by stairs and near poolside landscaping to enhance the relaxing mood. Some can be programmed to change color and lighting effects.

Aggregate materials can be used to finish pool interiors. They can be made with white or colored plaster and small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads in polished or exposed versions. An exposed aggregate finish can contain tiny river pebbles or glass beads to provide traction. Aggregates are more durable than plaster and can create a luxurious style.

Another popular trend is natural deck materials. Limestone, flagstone, and travertine can be used to finish a pool’s surround in a variety of colors.

Digital features can allow you to control your pool’s lighting, temperature, pump, and cleaner via a smartphone. Digital features can also control a security system.

Security is important with any backyard swimming pool, especially in homes with children. Glass fencing can create a barrier around a pool while still allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of your backyard.

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