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The Top Backyard Eyesores and What to Do About Them

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Homes that have spacious land behind them are typically worth more in value, not only because there is more land on the property, but because often times those backyard spaces are a bonus area for entertaining and enjoying your dwelling.

For some homeowners though, a backyard can also be an eyesore. Gone long enough without proper maintenance and care, a backyard can turn into an overgrown, unusable and nuisance part of the property.

Today you can easily hop online, skim through sites like Pinterest and gain a list of ideas to transform your space from drab, to fab. The list of ideas to transforming a backyard problem is endless. Here’s a list to get you started!

Too many trees

If you have a backyard with tons of overgrown and tall overpowering trees, chances are you have more than the worry of those trees falling to deal with. Aged and tall trees have long roots and have left the grass shaded for very long. This results in grass that is hard to grow and soil that has lost its quality.

You could hire someone to come in and cut those trees down, depending on the size and location, it could be costly and you will need to work on getting the soil and grass issues squared away afterwards.

Uneven property

For some homeowners, it’s not as easy as just removing trees from the yard and cleaning up the space. Some properties are just shaped oddly. You may have land that extends far back between a neighboring yard, or that is abutting a driveway. You might also have things like creeks or ponds on the outlying area.

These types of yard issues are best resolved by working with specialists who can design a border, fence, or workaround to incorporate these elements into a functional backyard space.

Random Equipment

One of the most popular search results for backyard eyesores are those not-so-pretty items like AC units and electrical boxes that are usually mismatched, big and awkward. Covering these so they don’t detract from the backyard oasis you’ve worked so hard to achieve is an easy fix with some wood, nails and creativity.

Building a removable decorate wall or fencing around these will add to the decor and mask them from ruining the rest of the ambiance.

Tattered fences

Fences are made to keep your yard neat and divided and to provide privacy. But keeping up with them can be time consuming and costly. Metal fences can become dented or rusted and wood fences eventually rot or need fresh paint or sealing. If you don’t keep up with them, there is always a chance of turning your backyard into an eyesore.

US Glass Fence is changing the game by designing, installing and maintaining frameless glass fencing and railings that updates your backyard with a sleek look and modern touch.

Check out our gallery of images to see some the transformations.

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