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The Advantages of Mergelock Glass Fence Posts

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Many companies that install glass fencing use posts cut from a solid piece of stainless steel. This is a wasteful process that produces pieces that are unattractive and not very strong. These posts use two grub screws to hold glass in place, which adds pressure points to the glass and can lead to damage.

At US Glass Fence, we use Mergelock posts that are cast using the “lost wax” method. This produces more attractive posts with more design options. These posts are stronger, more flexible, use less material, and have no visible screws. They allow the glass to be gripped like a crab claw, evenly and without pressure points.

Lost-wax casting is a process in which a duplicate metal object is cast from an original sculpture. The process begins with an artist or mold-maker creating an original model from wax. A rigid outer mold can be made of plaster, fiberglass, or other materials. An inner mold made of latex, polyurethane rubber, or silicone is an exact negative of the original piece. Most molds have at least two pieces, and a shim with keys is placed between the pieces so the mold can be put together accurately.

After the mold has been made, molten wax is poured into it to create a wax copy of the finished piece. This is then coated with several layers of silica which form a rigid shell around the wax piece.

The silica shell is then heated to melt the wax leaving a hollow mold. This is then filled with steel and allowed to cool. When the shell is removed the stainless post is then polished and machined to finished tolerances.

The main benefits of casting are that the resulting post is stronger, more flexible, more complex in design, lighter in weight and more attractive.

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