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How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

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Summer is sadly coming to an end. Most of us are preparing to get the kids back on school schedules and finishing up the last of our vacation days. If you’ve enjoyed the warm summer months laying out by your pool, now’s the time to get a few last-minute swims in before the season is over.

Once summer has past, it will be time to cover your pool and keep it safe over the winter months. Doing so is imperative to have a functioning pool you can simply uncover and enjoy again come next summer.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your pool for winter.


You’re probably already familiar with using chemical testing kits to test the water in your pool. These kits ensure chemical levels are safe. Similarly, you’ll need to get your water levels right for the winter. This can keep calcium deposits from growing and other issues from cropping up.

pH levels control the level of acidic and alkaline qualities in the liquid. It is recommended these measure between 7.2 and 7.6. Chlorine is an important chemical to add to pool water because it’s used to kill bacteria and germs. The recommendation is for chlorine stabilizer to be 30 ppm. Your testing kit should also measure water hardness and alkalinity.


Once you have all of the chemicals in your pools water measuring correctly, you’ll need to clean the pool. Using a vacuum to get rid of any leaves,debris and bugs from the water and the filter are only a portion of the cleaning task. You should also scrub the pool walls to remove and build up an algae that’s accumulated and remove loose objects, accessories and ladders from the pool when it won’t be in use.

Keeping the pools filtration system clean is also key to maintaining your pool. You should remove and hose down the filter as well as perform a backwash per your instruction guide to ensure the system has clean water running it.


After the all chemicals have been added and measured and the pool and filter have been properly cleaned, it’s time to cover the pool to protect it from the elements. This might involve recruiting some friends to help you spread the cover across the pool while you tie it down. You should also drain out water from the pool so it sits below skimmer level over the winter. Finally, refer to your user manual for shut off, draining and plugging the system to properly close your pool for winter.

Once your pool is set for winter, be sure to keep an eye on it over the season to ensure no damage is done from weather or storms and be sure kids and pets do not walk on the cover as this is a giant safety issue. Considering fencing in and locking your pool to prevent access.

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