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Pool Fencing Laws in Connecticut: What You Need & How to Comply

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If you live in Connecticut and you’ve got a new swimming pool, you’re no doubt aware than Connecticut state law required a fence to be built around your pool for safety reasons. But not just any fence will do. There are certain regulations surrounding pool fencing in Connecticut. This page will explore what they are and how to be sure you’re in compliance.

What Are Pool Fence Laws in Connecticut?

According to Connecticut pool fencing law, public and private pools in the state require:

  • An enclosed barrier around the pool at least 4 feet (48 inches) above grade, with
    • No more than 2 inches between the ground and bottom of the barrier
    • Fewer than 4 inches between pickets or slats
    • Fewer than 45 inches between “horizontal members”
    • Maximum mesh size of fewer than 2.25 inches in the case of chain link fencing
  • Access gates with self-latching mechanisms

While this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, it does provide the basics.  (The full text of Connecticut’s pool fencing law is here; note also that towns and municipalities may have additional regulations.)

How to Comply With Connecticut Pool Fencing Laws

Basically, you build a fence around your pool that meets each of the minimum criteria outlined above.

Due to the nature of the law, it might be best to leave construction of your pool fence to professional fence builders with expertise in the law and experience with the proper craftsmanship.

Can Glass Fences Comply With Connecticut State Pool Fencing Laws?

Yes! Of course they can, provided the glass fence is built no higher than 2 inches off the ground, is at least 4 feet tall, has a sufficiently narrow space between glass panes, and has a self-closing gate.

Glass fencing is fully capable of meeting every legal criterion laid out in Connecticut’s pool fencing regulations.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing?

There are numerous benefits to installing frameless glass fencing, which include the following:

  • Glass fencing is gorgeous, and does not obstruct views of the landscape.
  • Glass fencing is secure and safe, made with tough tempered glass.
  • Glass fencing is easy to maintain. Just rinse with soap and water!

If you’re interested in glass pool fencing for your Connecticut home, contact U.S. Glass Fence today.

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