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Pool Fence Requirements in Rhode Island

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Most states and municipalities have laws requiring some kind of barrier for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. Rhode Island is no different.

Pool fence requirements in Rhode Island are a safety measure, designed to keep people, especially small children, from entering or falling into a pool without proper supervision.

What Are Pool Fence Requirements in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island laws and regulations require that outdoor swimming pools be surrounded by fences or barriers with the following specifications:

  • The top of the barrier should be at least 48 inches above grade (measured on the side of the barrier facing away from the pool).
  • There should be no more than 2 inches between the bottom of the barrier and the ground (measured on the side that faces away from the pool).
  • Maximum mesh size for chain link fencing should be no more than once inch squared.
  • For barriers made up of diagonal members (like lattice fencing), the maximum allowed opening between members is one inch.
  • For barriers composed of horizontal and vertical members, such as picket fencing, the gap between vertical members should not exceed 1 inch.
  • Any openings in the barrier should not allow a 4 inch sphere to pass through.
  • For barriers without openings, such as masonry or glass fences, there should be no conspicuous indentations or protrusions.
  • Barriers must be located such that permanent structures (trees, outbuildings, etc.) may not be used to climb the barrier.

The wall of a dwelling is permitted to serve as part of the barrier, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Windows leading to the pool area shall have a latching device at least 54 inches above the floor.
  • Hinged doors leading to the pool area need to be self-closing and possess a self-latching device. Latch release needs to be at least 54 inches from the floor.
  • Sliding doors should be self-closing with a self-latching device. Latch release needs to be at least 54 inches from the floor.

How to Comply with Pool Fence Laws in Rhode Island

The easiest way to comply with these regulations is to hire a licensed pool fence contractor in Rhode Island.

There are many types of fences that comply with state regulations, and deciding on which you want for your home pool will depend on your personal style and budget.

One option is frameless glass fencing.

Frameless glass fencing is a gorgeous, state-of-the-art technology that uses durable tempered and treated glass to act as a pool barrier without obscuring visibility. Glass fences can be made to comply with all relevant local regulations in Rhode Island and elsewhere.

To learn more about frameless glass pool fencing for your Rhode Island home, contact U.S. Glass Fence today.

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