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How To Maintain The Gate On A Frameless Glass Fence

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A glass fence can enclose a backyard swimming pool and help keep young children safe. A glass fence has self-closing hinges, a latch, and a lock to provide security. While the hinges and latch usually work as they are supposed to, it may occasionally be necessary to inspect them and make adjustments. Here are some tips on how to maintain a glass fence with a self-closing gate and latch.

Possible Reasons Why a Gate May Not Work

In order for the gate to function correctly, the fence, gate, and latches need to be maintained and should not have anything interfering with their functioning. The gate may not work correctly if the latches between sections or at the terminating ends of the frame are not latched. The gate also may not work if the frame has any type of damage, such as a broken pole or latch or torn or damaged mesh, if part of the fence has been removed, or if anything is hanging on the fence.

The gate should close and latch if the gate frame is released from a distance of 18 inches. The hinges of the gate should swing the gate closed, but they may not always engage the latch. You should always check the gate to make sure it is latched. If it does not work correctly, the hinges or latch may need to be adjusted.

How to Adjust the Gate Posts

In order for the gate to close and latch securely, the magnetic gate latch needs to be aligned correctly. It can become misaligned, especially if someone hangs on the frame. The gate has adjustable brackets that allow you to make minor adjustments to the gate posts to properly align the magnetic latch.

To adjust the gate posts, remove the quick link, reposition the eye screw to a different slot in the adjustment bracket, and replace the quick link. Then check the gate to make sure it closes properly and the latch engages as it should.

How to Adjust the Tension of Gate Hinges

In order for your glass pool fence gate to latch correctly, the gate hinges need to be properly tensioned. This will allow the gate to swing closed automatically. You should check the tension every time the gate closes to make sure it catches correctly.

The hinges on a glass pool fence can be finely adjusted to allow the gate to close smoothly by turning a screwdriver. This can overcome problems with fatigue. To adjust tension in the gate hinges, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the cap at the top of the hinge. Then use a flat head screwdriver to depress and rotate the internal adjustor. The adjustor will rise back in the sleeve and fix the tension.

How to Adjust and Maintain the Magnetic Gate Latch

The magnetic gate latch will not work correctly if the striker body and latch body are not aligned properly. The striker body can be adjusted horizontally, and the latch body can be adjusted vertically. These two adjustments together can allow you to align the magnetic gate latch. You should check the alignment every time the gate closes to make sure it latches.

To maintain the gate latch, lubricate the key-lock part of the latch on a regular basis with an oil-based spray lubricant. You should not lubricate any other parts of the latch. Make sure any screws or bolts are tight and the release knob and latch bolt are free of any debris. Make sure the latch body and striker body are properly aligned every time the gate closes.

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