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Low-Iron Glass

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US Glass Fence sometimes uses low-iron glass when we install pool fences at homes in Connecticut and New York. This is an optional extra we offer that is clearer than regular glass. We use the Starphire brand in our projects.

Low-iron glass is more transparent than clear float glass. This is because most of the iron oxide that is used to produce the glass is removed. This reduced iron content increases light transmission and reduces the greenish tint that is often found in clear glass that some homeowners do not want.

Low-iron glass can have as little as 10 percent the amount of iron found in clear float glass. This allows it to transmit 91 percent of light, while regular glass can transmit only 83 percent.

The difference between low-iron glass and clear float glass is generally not apparent unless they are viewed against a colored background. It can also be seen if the glass is viewed from an edge.

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass can be used in any application in which clear float glass can be used. It can be laminated, tempered, and treated using the same methods that are used with clear float glass. Low-iron glass is ideal for frameless glass applications, such as fences, shower doors, glass doors, and glass table tops.

Low-iron glass is a popular choice for homeowners who want the beauty of a glass fence without the characteristic greenish tint that comes with regular glass.

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