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Ideas to Spruce Up Your Backyard and Pool Area

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Your backyard is the center of summer entertainment, and how it looks is what adds to how you and your guests feel in your outdoor space. Whether it’s getting together your family and friends for parties, after-school playdates or just to get the kids outdoors, try sprucing up the or backyard or pool area with these simple ideas.

Got Furniture? Upgrade With Some Decorative Flare

If you’re hosting a group of friends or family, it’s important to have different types of seating styles, whether it’s couches, stools, or benches. If you have your seating arrangement all set up, try adding some bright, patterned throw pillows for a welcoming experience.

Add an Umbrella With a Chaise Lounge

Nothing beats grabbing a good book and a beverage after a long day and sitting poolside to unwind. Chaise lounges are a welcoming spot for a couple or friends to enjoy the evening light while taking a load off your feet.

Consider Table Settings for Outdoor Dinners

Friends and family love the idea of a summer dinner party around a big table for great conversation and memory making. Nothing beats a spring or summer evening out in the backyard, so why not spin some fun into your table settings to get the party started? Pick a theme. It could be a particular color, style, or pattern. Plan your table around that item and entertain your guests in style.

Create Fun Lighting to Set a Mood

There are dozens of fun ways that people incorporate lighting into their backyards, from overhead lights to twinkling lights on a path. There’s something about outdoor lights that creates a wonderful look, and they are also very functional from a safety perspective.

Glass Fences, Not Obstructions

Part of enjoying your backyard and pool area is being able to see your surroundings and appreciate them. Traditional fencing, whether wooden or wrought iron can be very beautiful, but offer limited viewing of the surrounding areas, especially pools. What’s more, they are highly susceptible to corrosion and will require constant upkeep.

Glass fences maintain your view and makes your yard appear larger, and provides constant view around pools for safety and for beauty. Glass fences also last longer than other types of fencing.

Using frameless glass fencing allows for unimpaired observation of your pool area, and in many ways, it will be like the pool fence is invisible. It keeps your pool area safe and secure when unattended while providing an amazing look to your backyard space. This exterior design also adds value to your home.

Before the summer months hit, consider frameless glass fencing to spruce up your backyard and pool area. It is always best to use a good quality and reputable installer to ensure the safety of your family and friends. US Glass Fence follows all local and state building codes to ensure compliance while offering the highest quality in design, integrity, and safety.

Complimentary consultations are always available to customers. Let us help you achieve a new look this summer. Contact us today.