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How Sturdy Are Glass Fences Around Your Pool?

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Glass fence installation may just be the way you want to go when it comes to fencing in your pool. Not only does it give you a clear view of your pool, but it also complies with New Jersey’s enclosure laws for pools.

Our frameless glass fences first start when we install posts that hold the glass in place. These are made from stainless steel and are attached to the glass itself before being installed. The steel posts are set into the patio, and a rapid setting liquid bedding cement is used to help secure them. This setting cement fully hardens over the next 48 hours.

Glass Fence Panels

But how strong are these panels in the first place? The glass itself is made out of tempered glass, which is about five times stronger than regular glass. The panels also have a thickness of ½ inch. For a comparison, glass windows usually only have a thickness of ¼ inch.

While this may make them resistant to breaking, though, you may still be worried about having them around your pool. But our glass fences are tested for holding up to 220 lbs. of weight applied to the top edge of a 48-inch-high fence.

Glass Pool Fences are Sturdy

It’s extremely difficult to break the glass we use for fences. However, in the unlikely event that it does break, the glass will break into small cubes instead of painful shards. This means that the fence will be less likely to cause shallow cuts or other injuries.

There are also ways to improve your glass fencing. If you add on Diamond Seal to your fencing, it will be easier to clean and be less likely to stain from hard water deposits.

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