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How a Frameless Glass Fence Can Make Your Backyard Safer

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One of the primary reasons why many homeowners choose to install frameless glass fences in their yards is to improve safety. Glass fences are often used to enclose pools in homes that have young children. People choose glass fences to keep their children out of the pool and to have a clear line of sight in the backyard.

A Glass Fence Can Help You Keep an Eye on Your Children

A typical fence can block your view of the backyard. If you have a wood or metal fence, you might not see if a child is near the pool. With a frameless glass fence, you will be able to look out a window and immediately know where your children are.

Why a Glass Fence Is Safer

A frameless glass fence is safer than other types of fences you may be considering. If you have considered a metal fence, you may be concerned about the possibility of a child climbing on it or getting cut by sharp edges. A glass fence is safer because the smooth panels prevent climbing and there are no sharp edges that can cause injuries.

Why Tempered Glass Is Safer Than Standard Glass

Frameless glass fences are also safer because they are made with tempered glass. Unlike standard glass, which is cooled slowly, tempered glass is cooled quickly. This makes tempered glass much stronger and harder than standard glass. Even if a child runs into a glass fence, it may not break.

If tempered glass is broken by a strong impact, it is less likely than standard glass to cause significant injuries. Standard glass breaks into sharp and jagged pieces that can cause serious cuts. Tempered glass, on the other hand, breaks into small pieces with rounded edges that are much less likely to cause injuries.

A Glass Fence Gate Can Close Automatically

US Glass Fence installs pool fences with self-closing and self-latching gates. You will not need to worry about whether or not you remembered to close the gate because it will close automatically every time.

A Frameless Glass Pool Fence Can Protect Your Children

Safety is a major concern, especially for parents of young children who have a pool in their backyard. If you have a pool and you need to make sure your children do not go near it when you are not around, installing a frameless glass fence can make your backyard safer and prevent serious injuries.

A frameless glass fence can prevent climbing and injuries from cuts that could be caused by other types of fences. It can allow you to see the area around the pool and immediately know where your children are. A glass pool fence can give you peace of mind knowing that your children are safe in your backyard.

Get an Estimate for a Glass Pool Fence

US Glass Fence can install a frameless glass fence around your pool to keep children away and make your yard safer. If you have a pool and young children, you should install a frameless glass fence to keep them away and prevent injuries.

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