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Glass Staircase Railings

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Often home and business owners who undertake renovation projects decide that they would like to upgrade the appearance of their staircases. In some cases, a traditional wooden or metal handrail either wouldn’t work or would be unattractive. It is for these reasons that many customers opt instead to install glass along their stairs.

A glass railing is more attractive than a typical wood or metal railing. A glass barrier along the side of a staircase can give a building a sleek, contemporary look that can’t be matched by another type of railing. Glass railings are becoming increasingly popular in malls, office buildings, and modern homes.

Glass staircase railings are safe. They are made with tempered glass, which is strong and durable. If the glass is damaged, it breaks into many small, round pieces, not sharp shards that could cause injuries. The side of the staircase can be covered with large pieces of glass so that there is no chance of a person falling under or over the railing.

We install glass railings and balustrades made by Q-railing, an industry leader. Their modular components are used to create glass staircase railings and balustrades in homes, stores, malls, offices, public buildings, museums, stadiums, airports, and other locations.

Glass staircase railings are fairly easy to install. Small German-engineered buttons that measure 1 ¼ inches in diameter screw into the stairs and hold the pieces of glass in place.

US Glass Fence has installed glass staircase railings at homes and businesses throughout Connecticut.

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