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A Glass Pool Fence Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

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While a pool in the backyard at a home will not always raise property values, it can still be an attractive feature for many buyers. A pool is something that many homeowners enjoy. When people are searching for a new house to purchase, many want a pool and will not consider a house that does not have one.

Making a Pool Safer Can Increase Your Home’s Value

For a house with a pool in the backyard, safety is a primary concern for the owners, especially those who have children. People with kids want to keep them safe, and a pool can be tempting and dangerous. If your home has a pool and you are planning to sell it in the future, you can increase your property values by taking steps to make the pool safer.

How a Frameless Glass Fence Can Improve Safety

Installing a frameless glass fence around your pool can keep children away when adults are not around. A glass fence is high enough that a child cannot climb over it and has a self-closing gate with a latch on the inside to prevent a child from opening it. Having a frameless glass fence around your pool can make your backyard much safer for families with young children.

Frameless glass fences are made with tempered glass, which is stronger and harder to break than standard glass. If tempered glass does break, it will shatter into small, round pieces that are less likely to cause injury than sharp shards.

A Glass Pool Fence Can Make Your Backyard More Attractive

A frameless glass pool fence can also be an attractive addition to your home. Frameless glass fences do not have vertical poles like traditional fences. Instead, the glass panels are set in bases along the ground that support them. This can create an attractive appearance with a pool surrounded by clear panels of glistening glass.

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A frameless glass pool fence can make your backyard safer if you have children. It can also be an attractive selling point if you have a pool in your yard and you want to sell it. A glass pool fence can give prospective buyers with young children peace of mind knowing that they will not be able to get into the pool unless there is an adult nearby. A glass fence can also make a yard look more attractive. Curb appeal is a primary selling point for many home buyers.

US Glass Fence has installed frameless glass pool fences for many homeowners across the Northeast. We serve Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York.

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