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Glass Fencing and Building Codes

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Glass fencing is an attractive option for enclosing an area, such as a swimming pool, without obstructing the view of the yard and surrounding landscape. Glass fencing offers a combination of safety and beauty.

A glass fence installed around a pool must meet strict building codes. In Connecticut, the height of the fence must be at least 48 inches above finished ground level on the side of the fence that faces away from the pool. The gap between finished ground and the bottom of the fence measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool must be no more than two inches. The spaces between the vertical glass panels must be less than 4 inches wide.

If the top of the pool is above finished ground level (i.e. an above-ground pool), the barrier must be installed at finished ground level or mounted to the top of the pool structure. If the fence is mounted on top of the pool structure, the opening between the top of the pool frame and the bottom of the fence cannot allow the passage of a sphere 4 inches in diameter.

These guidelines are designed to keep children from climbing the fence or squeezing under it or between panels and gaining access to the pool. The rules apply to all outdoor swimming pools, whether they are located in ground or above ground. The requirements also apply to outdoor hot tubs and spas.

All glass fence gates must be self-closing and latching. The lock must be either 54 inches high if installed on the outside of the fence or three inches below the top of the gate if it is mounted on the inside. These rules are intended to keep children from being able to open the gate.

These strict building code rules apply to both public and residential pools. Although most counties and cities in Connecticut defer to state regulations related to pool fencing, some areas may have different requirements. Anyone who is considering installing fencing around a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa should check city, town, or county regulations.

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