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A Glass Fence Is the Safest Way to Enclose a Pool at Your NJ Home

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If you have a pool in the backyard at your New Jersey home and you have young children in your family, safety is of paramount concern. Every year, many young children drown in backyard swimming pools. It only takes a second for a child to fall into a pool. If you have children, your pool should be enclosed with a fence. That is also required by law in many areas.

What Makes a Glass Fence Safe?

A frameless glass fence is the safest way to enclose a swimming pool. Because the panels are clear, you will have an unobstructed view of your backyard and the pool, so you will be able to see if anyone is in or near the pool.

A frameless glass fence has self-closing hinges and a latch to keep the gate closed and to keep children out of the pool. The panels are tall enough (48 inches) that young children cannot reach over the fence and open the gate. This makes a frameless glass fence an excellent way to keep children out of a pool.

Frameless glass fences are made with tempered glass, or safety glass. The glass is ½ inch thick and is manufactured using a process that heats it to a high temperature and then cools it quickly. This makes tempered glass four to five times stronger than standard glass. This means it is less likely to break if it is hit with an object or if a person trips and falls against the fence. In the unlikely event that the glass does break, the tempering process causes it to shatter into small, rounded pieces, not sharp shards like standard glass. The round pieces are much less likely to cause injuries than jagged pieces of glass.

How to Get a Glass Pool Fence

US Glass Fence has installed frameless glass fences made with tempered glass in the backyards of many homeowners to enclose their swimming pools. If you have a pool and young children, it is essential to have the pool enclosed with a fence to prevent accidents. With a self-closing latch and tempered glass, a frameless glass fence is the safest option to enclose a pool in your New Jersey yard.

If you are interested in improving safety and peace of mind with a glass pool fence, contact US Glass Fence today.

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