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Always Wanted a Glass Fence? Winter’s a Great Time to Buy

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Glass fencing options are an innovative choice that has so many possible applications today. For homeowners, using this option around pool areas and in a backyard offers an uninterrupted view of the property and surrounding area and takes your property to the next level.

While it is a highly customized option, the results aren’t too hard to achieve. In fact, your frameless glass fence and railings can be installed in as little as three weeks. At US Glass Fence we will come out and do an on-site inspection, design the layout and provide a detailed estimate. From there we’ll manufacture and deliver the glass fencing and install it within a few days.

Here’s why getting this done over the winter is a smart move.

Be Prepared

Be spring and summer ready next season. Once it’s time to start spending your hours outdoors by the pool you won’t have the area tied up by workers installing a fence or left thinking about how you’ll make the space enjoyable and safe for the season because you will have already handled that portion of it over the winter while no one else was out there.

Avoid Busy Season

Another benefit to having your glass fence installed over the winter months is that you’ll be able to avoid the usual busy season for landscapers and contractors who will be out in full force helping everyone to get their outdoors ready for use while you’re already enjoying yours.

Make Safety a Priority

Many states have laws about pool areas and how they must be fenced and maintained. Check with your local area and be sure you’re up to code. Even if you haven’t thought about fencing options yet, you’ll want to consider the fact that when there is a lot of snow on the ground, it may be hard to tell where the solid ground, and your covered pool end. The best way to make the outdoor area safe for anyone to use, even when there is snow, is to separate any dangers with a fence. Glass fencing makes this possible without disturbing the beautiful view so many of us love when there is fresh fallen snow.

As we head into the winter season here in Connecticut, consider getting the glass fencing you’ve been dreaming about installed.

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