The New Invisible Glass Fence

  • Glass fence installed on the edge of a marsh in Norwalk, CT

If you need a fence but don’t really want one.

Glass may be the option you have been looking for. It really is almost invisible.

A frameless glass fence in a backyard.

There may be many circumstances where a fence is needed but undesirable. Lets say you have a stunning view from your pool or garden but have to have a fence to comply with the building code. Why install an ugly steel or wooden fence when you can install an invisible glass fence. Its strong, under stated, sophisticated and almost invisible.

Local pool regulations stipulate the every swimming pool is enclosed with a 48″ high fence. Traditionally, home owners would use metal, split rail or mesh fencing to comply with the code. These options are always ugly and they restrict your view into and out of the pool area. Glass is a great option. It looks great, conforms to the building code and maintains an uninterrupted view.

A glass fence installed on the edge of a marsh

Invisible glass fences from US Glass Fence are made from 1/2″ tempered glass supported by small stainless steel posts set into your patio. There are no posts and no rails. The gates are self closing and soft closing.

For more information contact Robin Leigh on 860 307 9499.

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